Saturday, June 1, 2013


After careful and well-researched consideration, I've decided to proceed with gastric bypass surgery.  I believe it will be life extending.  I believe it will allow me to lose the weight necessary to walk more than half a block again. I believe when I am able to walk again, I can gradually build my strength back.  I believe when I build my strength back, I can model a healthy lifestyle to my kids.  I want to ride a bike with them.  I want to jump on the trampolines at Sky Zone with them.  I want to take long walks on cool autumn evenings with them.

Insurance won't pay for this despite my multiple comorbidities.  The surgery and all aftercare will cost $25,000.   Husband and I prayed on it and decided that my earning potential is much better living than it is dead.  This seems like a good investment at this time and we're piecing together that large sum of moolah bit by bit.

I've jumped through almost all of the hoops.  I've gotten psychological and medical clearance, checked with my neurologist to make sure I can hold my platelet inhibitors for a week before surgery, met with my surgeon, the dietitian and the exercise physiologist.  I've forwarded necessary medical records.  Thursday night I will attend a support group of people who have been through the procedure, then I can set my surgery date Friday morning.  We're hoping for July 16, which will give me two weeks to heal before returning to work.

My family is incredibly supportive, even relieved that I've made this decision (I think).  Prayers, as always, are welcomed.


  1. Sarah, I wish you only the best with this surgery. I know that your medical background has made you aware of what's ahead. With that being said, I know the decision wasn't easy.

    Keep us posted on your progress and do keep us informed. I'm happy for you and excited about this as well. :)
    Jean(formerly known as "Lois G")

  2. May God grant you no complications, quick recovery,supernaturally obedient children and long-term weight loss.

  3. You have my prayers! I'll be checking for updates. God's peace be with you.


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