Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Big Day

I'm so excited for this second chance at health.  I feel such support from my friends and family and am not scared.  Surgery is scheduled for 9:30.  I'll update as soon as possible, most likely in the comment section of this post.

Meanwhile, here's a brief animation of the type of surgery I'll be having:


  1. Good surgery morning! I'm hoping all goes well. Sending hugs and prayer your way!

  2. thinking of you and waiting for your successful post-surgery tweet/blog!

  3. Hi - I am praying for you and look forward to hearing about your journey to wellness.

    I STILL wrestle with wait and just yesterday my PCP kept talking about need to lose weight and I should look into lap band or homeopathic. I admit I am not on board - YET ..but also he is right ..I have NOT been able to do this myself. The worst for me is the bone on bone OA in my knees and I am going to (if I clear medically) left knee total knee replacement in Oct ..followed by the right 3 mos later. Quality of life is lacking and I can't do things I want to do. LOSING WEIGHT would reverse some things and give me that quality life.

    I congratulate you on your decision.

    And I have a friend who had this same surgery just a little over a yr ago. She has been the incredible shrinking woman. She looks GREAT! And she is SOOOO HAPPY! I keep asking her about how good she feels physically - is the pain gone? YES! She feels like she is living a different life - the one she always wanted and wouldn't go back to where she was for anything. And she has offered to help me if I went that route.

    I think ..that for as much as I want to look better ...I now want to FEEL better. Losing what I should would indeed give me a new life too.

    Congratulations on your decision Sarah.

    I will come back in here to read your posts about this from the beginning and will follow your progress you share.

    God Bless you and your family. :)


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