Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Early Days Ups and Downs

Post surgery day 8.

As of yesterday, I'd lost 36.2 pounds in 3 weeks.  That just amazes me.  Whenever I question why I did this surgery, I remember that little fact and I walk a little taller.

Yes, I spent most of yesterday and today wondering why I did this to myself.    My biggest complaint is that I am so sick of these stupid protein shakes.  To a WLS (weight loss surgery) patient, fluids and protein are vital.  At this stage of my recovery process, I have to get in at least 64 oz of water PLUS four 8-oz protein shakes PLUS 6 Tbsp of pureed food (cottage cheese, greek yogurt, etc.) served in 2 Tbsp "meals.".  Now, I can't drink anything for 30 minutes before the pureed meals, during the 30 minutes I'm supposed to take eating the pureed food or 30 minutes after eating the pureed food.  (See YouTube video on sidebar for excellent explanation of this). That's a combined 4.5 hours that I can't drink, so getting in all those fluids is very difficult.  I can't guzzle anymore, so I must be constantly sipping.

During some of the sips, I'm trying to work in all of my meds.  Besides "normal" 8 pills a day, I've added 6 more that are specifically because of the surgery I've had (Protonix for acid reflux, calcium, multivitamin and vitamin B12 which melts under my tongue).  Because my absorption is down, I don't want my body to have to face a large clump of those pills, so I'm trying to take one every half hour or so.  This is a lot of time and attention just paid to what I'm putting in my body and truth is, all I ever want is the water.  All the other stuff just makes me feel bloated.

Add to that our home A/C is not working to its ideal and I'm a grumpy grumpy gal.  Poor husband...he can do nothing right today, it seems, but I know he is really only doing whatever he thinks he can to make me feel better.

Yesterday I asked my surgeon's nurse to please show him the photo I'd taken of my hernia repair area.  I understood there might be some bruising, but holy begoly - this is a lot of bruising.  A lot a lot.  He asked her to get me an appointment for today, so today I went in for a late morning meeting.

my big ole bruise at what used to be my belly button, where they did the hernia repair -
we marked the edges to check for growth

He told me that the amount of pain I'm having is normal for a laparoscopic hernia repair and reminded me that he had to do a lot of pulling and tugging and pushing.  He said it could go on for another six to eight weeks.  Oh my.  The bruising is also normal.  He noted that I had a mildly elevated temperature and said it might be a bacterial infection common after hospitalization or that I might have an infection in the fluid surrounding that hernia repair.  They drew some labs to sort that out.  Mostly, he reassured me that my frustration with the fluids and diet is very, very normal.  It makes it somewhat more bearable.

So tonight I had some cheddar cheese for dinner (which I chewed until it was the consistency of applesauce), I'm watching Big Bang Theory with my hubs and probably will go to bed soon.  Tomorrow, I drive for the first time since surgery.  Then, on Monday - I'm headed back to work. Woo hoo!


  1. Wow, that's an impressive bruise. Hope you continue to feel better each day.

  2. Well I can see why you're sick of thinking about fluids, protein, etc. Holy mackerel that's a lot of scheduling. This is tough but it's so worth it and the payoff for all the hard work will be great. Hang in there. I really pray that the pain subsides soon. And that the a/c is crankin' like it should asap.

  3. Sorry about the pain and bruising. But it is normal. The bruise that I got when they installed my defibrillator went from my clavical to my hip and covered half of my abdomen. It was scary to see. Hope you will feel better soon.

  4. Ouch... No wonder you're painful!

    Here's to ongoing healing - salud!


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