Thursday, July 18, 2013

Surgery Story

When I woke up, I felt really giddy.  I remember refusing to get off the surgery cot and climb into my own bed until I'd walked down the hall and back.  Mom, my friend Judy and my nurse spotted me.

Bill told me that Dr. Sorenson had to repair my hernia.  Apparently, I had this less than 3" opening near an old surgical scar and my transverse colon, much of my small intestine and a great deal of omentum had slipped through that hole.  The doctor later told me it was a challenge to rescue that tissue and he was surprised I'd never had an obstruction.  He wasn't able to use mesh, so he just sewed it up and expects it to break within 2-12 months.  But for now, it feels amazing.  I was so used to having that weight hanging off my front and to the left.  Walking is already easier.

The second year resident on my surgeon's team is one of my former students.  It was great to see her doing well.

Judy, a retired nurse, stayed with me the first night.  She picked up on the fact that my O2 sat went down to 84% when I slept, so she put oxygen back on me.  She and my nurse recognized that my IV had infiltrated, so at midnight it took three people to start a new one.

The hernia repair pain and the back pain hurt a lot more than the five incisions made for the gastric bypass.  My first meal, however, (chicken broth yesterday morning), was quite painful.  It sorta felt like my innards were exploding.  I tolerated the recommended six teaspoons but that was all I could do all day.  I needed a few doses of compazine for nausea.

Yesterday, the nurse practitioner for the surgery team changed my dressing over the hernia repair and it looks NASTY.  There is a large macerated area that I'll have to take special care with.

I let the pain get ahead of my yesterday and ended up needing Norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen), Toradol (an IV anti-inflammatory) and, to finally help me at bedtime, just a whiff of IV morphine.  I told you - no pain tolerance whatsoever.

Last night, my mom stayed with me and rubbed my back for quite a while.  I slept from 8 to 1, then we walked in the halls for a bit, then went back to sleep from 2-8.  I was a new woman today.  Pain is controlled with staying on top of meds, I was able to walk and pack and came home.  My own bed has never felt so good.

It's great to see my kids again and I've done all of my fluids and food well today.  Here was a my dinner: Two tablespoons of cottage cheese.  It took me 30 minutes to eat it.

I'm looking forward to this just becoming a "fact of life", not a huge focus, but I don't want to mess up, either, so I'll spend whatever time thinking about it that I need to spend.


  1. Wow, they let you eat solid food this early? Wow! I'm glad you're ahead of your pain now. Hope everything heals well that hernia area doesn't get infected.

    What a wonderful inspiration you are. Keep smiling... HUGS!

  2. so glad to hear things went so well!

  3. Just so glad to hear all is going well. W.H.E.W!

  4. Glad to read you're doing well despite the hernia and all. Hope you continue on a straightforward course to healing. I can relate to that feeling about your own bed, having had a few surgeries myself; there's just nothing like it! Keep us posted whenever you can.

  5. Great to hear from you. Glad you're well on the road to the new normal!

  6. So glad that you are doing well. Best wishes for the rest of it. You sound like you are beginning this journey on a positive note.

  7. Wow! (your hernia!!!) Was that at your C-section scar??? (just curious ;-)

    Glad they were able to fix it, sounds like "so far, so good"!

    Love & prayers, Val

  8. Surely the hernia repair was something your insurance would have covered. One would think they should cover a portion of this surgery for that reason. (Not that I'm any kind of insurance expert.)

  9. You've been in my thoughts today. I hope all is well. Sending bloggy love.


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