Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finally Getting Somewhere

Today marks 4 weeks from my surgery.  Since I started the "liquid liver-shrinking" diet two weeks before surgery, I've lost 45 pounds.

Let me state that again...I'm 45 pounds down in only 6 weeks.  It's absurd and I feel great.

Y'all know I struggle with food addiction.  A couple weeks ago I learned hard way that eating like I used to is a very, very bad idea.  I chose to eat a couple of those grocery store deli sushi rolls (California rolls - basically avocado and rice).  I was in pain for nearly 3 hours.  While I didn't vomit, I certainly wanted to. Dealing with any emotion, even happy emotions, without the ability to distract myself with food is difficult.

The school year is back in full swing.  Son got the teacher he wanted, but one of his good friends was assigned to another classroom.  I called this other kid's mom and we agreed to compare calendars for a playdate.  Daughter has one more year of preschool before kindergarten.  We were so pleased with Son's preschool that we put Daughter there, also.  She, too, will be reading by the time she gets into the public school.

I've given 3 lectures this year.  During the intro to the second year class, I told them that I'd had gastric bypass surgery since they last saw me and the entire class burst into a round of applause.  It took my breath away.  I've had immense support from my colleagues, each of  whom seems to understand what a difficult choice surgery was and how my life now is not always so pleasant.

Unfortunately, the clinic medical director, a wonderful man, told me that I can't keep seeing patients until my stool is lab-verified clear of C. diff.  (Click here for details on C. diff). I take handwashing super seriously, especially now, but he pointed out a lot of other doctors' patients are immunosuppressed.  When he put it that way, I really don't want to kill someone with my bug.  I completed my first 14 days of treatment but am not sure it's gone.  I feel better overall but have occasional bad abdominal cramps followed by a BM that has a characteristic smell, so we'll see.  I visited my doc today and they are going to test my stool again.

Overall, my energy level is WAY up.  I'm able to stand for long periods or time, walk greater distances and stay up with my family when I get home from work rather than going straight to bed like I used to do at least 3 times a week. The main issue now is my middle back pain.  My colleagues who specialize in OMT have treated me and I think it will get better soon.  We all agree that my muscles and fascia have to get used to what they are supposed to support when I stand up.  They'd gotten used to me at 345, but now that I'm 300 I walk differently and the back hasn't quite adjusted to that change.

So what's next?  One of the administrative assistants in my department and I are meeting at 6 a.m. in the exercise room the first week of September.  We want to exercise early, to get it over with, but neither of us feels we can do it on our own.  I'm very excited to have an exercise buddy and will work on getting stronger over the next couple of weeks in preparation.

I hope your late summer is pleasant, too!


  1. So glad to read this positive post. I'm applauding you too!

  2. I just did the math (which I expect you've done). At 45 pounds lost, you're 1/4 of the way to your goal already!

  3. Wow! Way to go! So glad to hear you feeling better!

  4. Heh heh - I have been known to diagnose Giardia by its characteristic mucoid texture & fetid odor despite a negative fecal...

    Glad to read you're doing so well!


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