Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby Steps

I'm driving again.  That made for a busy Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning of errands.  In between, I crashed.  Couldn't leave the house Thursday during the day but had a healing session of choir practice in the evening.  Today is "hair day." I'm getting mine cut and then taking my daughter to her four hour (every three weeks) session for take down, cleansing, conditioning and put up again.

Seeing doc on Monday - hoping to get back to work soon.

I've lost 57.4 pounds since July 2nd.  That is amazing to me! Sorta worth all the dry heaving and puking and not being able to eat.


  1. Every time I pick up a sack of feed (50 lbs), I remind myself how much better both me & my ponies would feel if I peeled off that excess weight... But wow, almost 60 lbs in 2 mos is truly amazing!

    I came back from vacation debilitated instead of rejuvenated & likewise spent last weekend being "lazy" - but I feel more inclined to deal w/the challenges of MY work today. Keep up the good work of recovery!

  2. Good work! I love to read about your successes...even if they come at the cost of some not so great side effects


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