Saturday, October 26, 2013


Seems I haven't posted in about six weeks.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Things are perking along with my weight loss.  I weigh every Monday and last week was down 86.6 pounds.  I have been "cheating" a bit and I'm aware of the damage I can do if I slip back into bad habits, so I'm trying to stop that nonsense.  The good thing about losing all this weight? Everything.  I have more energy, I can play with my kids, I can walk, I can stand.  I don't feel like going to bed all the time.  I feel I look "OK" in clothes now.  Yes, I would like to lose 80 more, but if for some reason that doesn't happen, the surgery still will have been a great success.

Husband has been a traveling fool.  India in July, Zurich in August, Mongolia for two weeks in September, then Ghana/Copenhagen for two weeks in October.  He doesn't have any more international trips scheduled yet, but I know they are coming.  I pray my mom continues to be willing to move in while he is gone.  I can't get the kids to and from school most days with my work schedule, so having her here is a lifesaver.

I attended the "Obesity Course" put on by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians in Phoenix.  I'm now a member of this group and look forward to more conferences.  I hope to be a board certified medical bariatrician in 3-4 years.  I learned so much and want to make helping obese people the main feature of my practice.

Speaking of life as a dokter, the university moved me from my suburban clinic to an urban clinic in the heart of downtown.  It is a "safety net" clinic that serves uninsured and Medicaid patients as well as a few insured folks.  The patients there speak 36 languages.  It has been an adjustment (understatement), but I am bound and determined to make it work.   The facility is beautiful and new and 3 blocks from campus, which is very handy.  Several of my "old" patients followed me, so it is great to see some familiar names on my schedule.

Teaching remains my real passion in professional life.  The med students stun me with their insight and dedication.  I remain in awe that I survived med school. As Perri Klass titled her book about med school, it is A Not Entirely Benign Procedure.

Speaking of books, I'm reading a book called Infidel.  Go ahead.  Click on that link and see what it is about.  This story is well-written,  riveting and makes me very, very glad I was born in this country.  I'm about halfway through it and it helps me understand to some degree the culture of Somalia.  I have a lot of Somalian patients now, so this is quite helpful.

My house remains a source of misery for me.  I can't keep it up and we've lately been living in a way that is just plain embarrassing.  I've finally reached my limit, so today I invited 20+ people to join us for Thanksgiving dinner.  It will force me (dare I to clean up this unholy mess.

The kids are great.  Boy child, now in 3rd grade, is well behaved in class according to his teacher, and girl child just learned to tie her shoes.  They both play basketball in the fall, so our home lives revolve around practices and games.  My friends, if you've never been to a Bitty Basketball (preschool age) game, you are missing one of the best things in life.

Tonight, a friend and I saw Enough Said, starring James Gandolfini (RIP) and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.  It is a gentle romantic comedy and I loved it.  Julia Louis-Dreyfull, best known for Seinfeld, is a comedic genius but she does very well in more serious scenes, too.  Go see it.  You won't be sorry.

So that's it for my brief update.  I'll try to get back to this blog on a more regular basis.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.


  1. 87 pounds! Amazing! Congratulations. It is so nice to hear that you're reaping the benefits already.
    Hope the new clinic environment grows on you -- I spend 1/2 my clinical time at an inner city hospital in a rough(ish) neighbourhood and have grown to love it much more than any other work environment. May the same become true for you!

  2. Congrats on the continued loss!

    When I lived in the highrise condo, our doorman was from Somalia. Wonderful man. He was a wonderful friend. Had the best sense of humor. Taught me a few phrases. I can say thank you, good afternoon, and ask a person what his/her name is.

  3. That's great! (way behind reading my blogs as you can tell ;-)
    I continue to waste too much time on FB, but worst of all, a friend guilted me into signing up for Twitter! I don't tweet much, but there again lose much productive time diving into their various rabbit-holes...
    (my wake-up call for the house is my MIL's visit, approx 5 wks away! We are replacing filthy carpet w/hardwood flooring in MB & dining room so it should be more habitable...)


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